Ashok Abhayakumar

  • Mr. Abhayakumar led’s Ascon Health a CRO based in RTP. He was the Director of Business Strategy and Product Development at Inveresk Research Group (NASDAQ: IRGI) and ClinTrials Research (NASDAQ: CCRO). Mr. Abhayakumar has over 25 years of clinical development and management experience.
  • He has held various senior management positions with growing responsibilities within both pharmaceutical and CRO companies. He has led several drug development initiatives and has been involved in over a 100 clinical programs. He has been involved in various capacities with several INDs, NDAs, and PMAs. He was also involved with several large clinical programs of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI). He holds an M.S. degree in Biometrics and Cardiovascular Epidemiology from the University of Texas, Houston.